The first step in getting a dental implant is setting up an appointment with Dr. Arastu to make sure a dental implant is right for you. Together, you and Dr. Arastu will discuss possible treatment options and come up with a treatment plan that best suits your needs. This may include an extraction and/or a bone graft procedure in order to best prepare the implant site for successful osseointegration. Every patient is different, but below is a general outline of the path from initial implant placement to final restoration.

Implant Placement

During the the implant placement procedure the dental implant, which looks like a small screw, is placed in your jaw. Dr. Arastu is proud to offer conscious sedation during implant placement procedures to make you more comfortable. Most commonly, Dr. Arastu will use a combination technique for sedation which includes both an oral pre-surgery sedative as well as an IV-delivered sedative during the procedure. This approach helps dramatically reduce anxiety and discomfort during the procedure and helps ensure your experience is positive.

Healing & Osseointegration

Following the implant placement is a healing period between two to six months. During this time the bone of your jaw directly binds to the implant in a process known as osseointegration. Often, patients receive a temporary tooth or bridge to wear during the healing process.

After the bone has sufficiently attached to the implant you may require a second procedure to uncover the dental implant and attach a small healing abutment. This helps shape the gum tissue and prepares the site for your final crown or bridge. Patients are usually ready for final crown or bridge placement a few weeks after the implant has been uncovered.

Crown or Bridge Placement

Once the implant has sufficiently fused to the jaw bone and the gum tissue is appropriately healed you are ready for your final replacement teeth. The final crown or bridge is anchored to the implant via metal posts called abutments. Following placement, you will have a restored smile with new teeth that look and function just like your natural teeth!

Regular Maintenance

After you have restored your smile with dental implants it is important to continue practicing good oral hygiene. This includes visiting Dr. Arastu or your general dentist for regular cleanings as well as consistently brushing and flossing at home.